About us

About us

Keith Goldstein has been working in television, advertising, feature films, and music for over 18 years.

After graduating cum laude from SUNY Fredonia with a B.S. in Sound Recording Technology / Tonmeister Studies – with a concentration in Television Production – Keith began as an assistant audio engineer running around behind mic stands and sleeping on the studio couch after all nighters with the likes of Michael Bolton and famed songwriter/producer Desmond Child (Aerosmith, Bon Jovi), amongst others.  Ambition, obvious talent, and a solid-gold ear did not keep him in the assistant’s chair for long.

Discovering Pro Tools in its infancy and foreseeing the revolutionary effect it would have on the audio world, Keith became one of the first engineers in NYC to embrace the new technology and even helped shape its development.

As Pro Tools became Keith’s “instrument”, his skills and trained musical ear found him in high demand amongst the entertainment and advertising communities’ top editors, mixers, producers, directors, copywriters and composers.

Realizing early on that Apple’s Final Cut Pro would soon revolutionize the video world – much as Pro Tools did for audio – Keith focused on the concept that one person would soon be able to perform all aspects of video production – all within the same workstation.

Keith Goldstein has produced countless TV and radio advertising spots (at&t, Coke), been part of the design teams for long-lasting ad campaigns (Mastercard – “Priceless”), worked on hit TV series (Yugioh, GI Joe, Biography), received awards (Emmy nomination, New York Film Festivals), directed celebrities (Demi Moore, Chris Rock), produced webcasts and web video(Hershey Entertainment & Resorts, The Real Deal), and even performed live video at the legendary Lincoln Center – Avery Fisher Hall in New York City.

Now located in Harrisburg, PA, Keith has formulated techniques combined with new technology to bring professional quality video & audio production to projects that could never before afford it. His real estate video tours have sold property from afar, brought hundreds of thousands of views for companies on the web (Hersheypark), organized and directed a team to produce news and interviews (The Real Deal – which has now leaped from the web to Fox Business News), and created medical videos as a teaching aid for physicians (at Penn State Hershey Medical Center). Keith Goldstein shoots and edits the video, records the Voice Over (either as talent or director), composes the music (or search in a large stock music library), creates the motion graphics, color corrects, and sound designs with a large custom SFX library. Performing all these tasks within one workstation saves on the overall cost and time it used to take to transfer and deliver to the many production houses, studios, and people to complete a project. That savings gets passed off to our clients.