General FAQs about Motion AudioVision Store:

Q: "Where is the item page for an older event that Motion AudioVision Productions recorded?"

A: In order to keep our webstore simple and efficient to use, we've removed older items that most people coming to the site are not looking for. If you need to get a copy of an event that is no longer listed, we suggest you contact the organization that held the event to inquire about its availability.

Q: "My order payment didn't go through, what should I do now?"

A: Unfortunately, there are rare instances where payment with a Credit Card or PayPal won't go through the system properly. If this happens to you, you can send a message to use through our contact page notifying us it didn't go through, and how you would like to pay (Credit Card/ PayPal/ Check), and we will get back to you to help you pay for your order. You can also just make a second order and if payment goes through, we will disregard the first one.

Q: "I placed an order with a coupon, and the payment didn't go through. The coupon has expired, so can I still get the discount?"

A: We will always honor the price your original order was made at. If you place a new order to complete payment that is a different price than your original order, let us know, and we will refund you the difference of your two orders.

Q: "My order payment didn't go through, so I made a second order. Can you cancel the first order?"

A: We only log an order in our system after we receive payment for it. If there was an issue with payment on the first order, we check for an exact duplicate second order and then remove the first if the problem was solved.

Q: "How can I tell if my payment went through?"

A: If you are unsure about your payment going through, we suggest checking the confirmation email sent when you place an order for the date and total cost of your order, and checking your Credit Card or PayPal account for a charge that matches that date and price.

Q: "When will my order of this year's dance show/graduation ship?"

A: We do our best to provide timely service to get recordings of events out as soon as possible. When there are updates on the progress of the recordings, we will post them to the front page of the store. On average, it takes 6 weeks after the event to get all orders shipped out, but we always strive to get them out sooner when possible.

Q: "Why didn't the coupon code I entered get added to my order?"

A: Coupon codes are case sensitive, so make sure to input the code as it appears from whatever source you saw the coupon code. Coupons expire at 11:59PM on the last day the coupon is offered. If you are still experiencing issues with coupons, feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

Q: "Will I be able to place an order of the recording in-person at the event you are recording?"

A: We do not take in-person orders at this time.


Questions specific to dance shows:

Q: "What's the difference between the DVD and 'Back Camera DVD'?"

A: Both DVDs contain the entire dance show performance. The Back Camera DVD uses one angle for every number, giving a wide view of all of the performers on stage for the entire show. The normal DVD uses multiple camera angles to offer different vantages to see closeups, group formations, and more! (Please note, the Back Camera DVD is only available for certain years of certain dance shows.)

Q: "My check was cashed, but I haven't received my order yet. When will my order ship?"

A: We try to cash checks as we receive them to make sure that they are not lost or misplaced, or to keep you waiting for the check to clear. If your check was cashed in before the shows start shipping out, your order will be with those shows. If you place an order after the initial orders go out, your order will ship as soon as the check is cleared.

Q: "Where are the Audio CDs of the music for the show?"

A: We are providing a digital download of the show music starting in 2018, rather than a CD set. If you place an order for the music, you will receive a link to a folder with the show music up to 24 hours after your order has been placed. Please note, this is only available for One Broadway's Tappin.

Q: "How do I download the music for the show?"

A: The instructions will be included in the email containing the link to the music download folder.


Questions specific to CCA:

Q: "I haven't recieved my pictures from my child's graduation, when will I receive them?"

A: Motion AudioVision Productions only provides video recording services for the CCA graduation ceremonies. Please contact CCA to inquire about photography from the graduations.

Q: "I thought CCA was providing the DVD of the ceremony, why haven't I received a copy yet?"

A: CCA provides the coupon to order one free copy of the DVD. You must place an order through our webstore so we know what ceremony you will need and what address to ship it to.